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Head-on collisions are serious car accidents that can leave drivers and passengers with devastating – and sometimes fatal – injuries. If you were involved in a head-on collision caused by a negligent driver, you deserve financial compensation. The Portland car accident attorneys at Jabar LaLiberty, LLC fight for your rights.

These types of car accidents typically happen because a driver was negligent. For example, the driver may have been texting and wasn’t paying attention to the road. A driver may have been driving drunk. Or someone may have been too tired to drive and fell asleep at the wheel. The car can then cross into another lane, striking another car head-on.

Negligent drivers should always be held accountable for the accidents they cause, but they often deny doing anything wrong. Proving negligence can be difficult. Insurance companies are supposed to help the injured after an accident, but they are mostly concerned with protecting their profits and will try to pay you as little as possible.

How a car accident lawyer can help you

Our experienced car accident attorneys know the impact that a head-on collision can have. Victims can be left with serious injuries such as broken bones, traumatic head injury, spinal cord injuries and damage to internal organs. Medical expenses add up quickly and can include surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, medication and home care.

We are very familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use to try to limit the compensation of accident victims. They may question the extent of your injuries or the need for certain kinds of treatment. They may argue your injuries were pre-existing. They may even try to blame you for causing the accident.

Our lawyers don’t tolerate these tactics. We build strong cases that are built on facts. Our legal team investigates your crash to find what really happened. Our lawyers review accident reports, medical records and any photo or video evidence. We interview witnesses. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts.

Many times, insurance companies want to settle when they see that we are prepared to fight them in court. Any resolution of your case has to be one that meets your needs. This includes compensation for current and future medical expenses, lost wages and other damages such as pain and suffering.

Our law firm has recovered millions for the injured in Maine

We are committed to helping accident victims get the best possible outcome in their car accident cases. That’s because our attorneys were born and raised here in Maine and have chosen to live and work here. The clients we serve are members of our community.

Our firm has been helping the injured in Waterville, Portland and throughout Maine since our founding in 1979. We’ve recovered millions for Mainers and are proud of the testimonials we have received. Fighting hard for each and every client has helped us earn a reputation as lawyers that people can trust.

If you or loved one was injured in a head-on collision, it’s important to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll review the details of your case, explain your legal options and answer your questions.

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