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Person in handcuffs talking to a criminal defense lawyerIf you’ve been charged with a crime or civil infraction, you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights. At Jabar LaLiberty, LLC, our attorneys have successfully handled many types of cases, including criminal defense cases. When you are facing a criminal charge, there is a lot at stake. No matter what the circumstances of your case are, hiring a criminal defense lawyer is in your best interest, and we are ready to help.

We have tough, experienced criminal defense attorneys with the knowledge and skills to provide aggressive and effective representation in all criminal and civil infraction cases. From student alcohol offenses to serious crimes, we have extensive trial experience. We will carefully analyze each case and vigorously pursue the best possible outcome on a case-by-case basis.

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Crimes are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. Felonies are considered more serious and carry harsher penalties. In Maine, misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in jail. All crimes in the state, aside from murder, are classified as Class A, B or C (felonies) or Class D or E (misdemeanors).

We defend all types of criminal charges in Maine, including:

No matter what type of crime you are charged with, you could be facing serious consequences. This includes jail time that could range from months to many years. It may include heavy fines. Other consequences can include the loss of your job and reputation. You could be left with a criminal record. Time is limited when it comes to building your defense, so contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.In Maine, crimes are classified as either Class A, B, or C felonies or Class D or E misdemeanors.


It is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Maine. Drivers are considered driving while impaired if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or above (or zero tolerance for drivers under 21), or if their faculties are impaired by any substance. A first or second offense is considered a misdemeanor, but a third offense or a serious accident can result in felony charges. Depending on the offense, a DUI conviction can cost you thousands of dollars, jail time and a suspended license.

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Drug Charges

Drug possession, drug trafficking and the manufacturing of drugs are all common charges that can have serious consequences. In Maine, illegal drugs are categorized in W, X, Y and Z “schedules.” The class of crime depends on the schedule, type and amount of drug involved.

  • Schedule W – addictive and well-known drugs like methamphetamine, oxycodone, heroin, cocaine, methadone, and more.
  • Schedule X – This includes hallucinogens and depressants like hashish and mushrooms.
  • Schedule Y – Prescription drugs like codeine.
  • Schedule Z – Marijuana and all other prescription and nonprescription drugs not in any other drug schedule.

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This is a common type of violent crime that is charged in Maine. Assault is defined by law as the act of “intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury or offensive physical contact to another person.” In Maine, assault is a Class D crime, or Class C if the assault was on a child. You can up to 364 days in jail and stiff fines. Assault charges can also affect your reputation, making it harder to find a job or place to live.

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Two people sitting down and speaking with a criminal defense lawyerTheft is a common criminal charge where someone takes something that doesn’t belong to them. Theft is classified into different categories depending on the value of the property and the details of how the theft was committed.  A theft charge can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value and type of stolen property. Theft of property over $1,000 is considered a felony, as is theft of a gun or explosive device.

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Civil Infractions

Many people have faced civil infractions. These include minor traffic infractions, possession of small amounts of marijuana, and violations of town and city ordinances. While civil infractions may seem minor, they still carry fines and other penalties, and traffic violations can lead to an increase in your car insurance premium and even suspension of your driver’s license. You need an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights and your future in this situation.

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Our experienced Maine criminal defense attorneys take your charges seriously. Our legal team gets the facts and help you builds a strong defense. Don’t take chances. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about the charges you are facing. We can review your case, go over your options and answer your questions. Our offices are located in Waterville and Portland.

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