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Every time you buy a product, you count on it being safe. Consumers simply have no way to tell if the product is safe until, at the very least, they get it home and begin using it. A defect can cause the product to malfunction, resulting in serious injury. That’s when you need a personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights.

Products liability law allows injured consumers to recover damages simply by showing that the product was defective, a concept known as strict liability. There’s no need to establish all the elements of a negligence claim. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, the lawyers at Jabar LaLiberty, LLC can help you recover financial compensation.

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There are three ways that a product can be deemed defective:

  • When the very design of the product makes it dangerous to use
  • When the product was manufactured in a way that makes it dangerous to use (i.e., defective materials, inadequate bonding of parts)
  • When the product is dangerous if used in specific ways and the manufacturer fails to provide an adequate warning about how it should be used

Products typically reach consumers after traveling through a lengthy “supply chain” that starts with the manufacturer and ends with the person who sold it to the consumer. In between, there may be any number of distributors, suppliers, wholesalers and such. Products liability law makes every one of those parties potentially liable.

Once a products liability claim is established, the injured consumer is entitled of whatever damages came about because of the defect. That certainly includes the cost of medical care, compensation for any pain and suffering, and whatever income has been lost because of the inability to work.

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A products liability case requires that you prove four separate things (known as “elements” in the legal world):

  • You did suffer an injury
  • A product that was defective in one of the three ways described earlier but was put into the supply chain
  • That defect is what caused your injury
  • While you were using the product in a way that it was intended to be used, you were injured

While strict liability is easier to establish than negligence, products liability cases can still be very lengthy and complex. It may be very difficult to prove that the manufacturing was defective. Claims of a defective design are almost always technical and involve testimony from and testing by many experts. Whether warnings are adequate can be very subjective. Experience with these kinds of cases goes a long way toward simplifying and shortening the case.

That’s the kind of experience you’ll find at Jabar LaLiberty, LLC. Our attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured clients through negotiated settlements and trial verdicts. Other lawyers respect our record and our reputation enough to refer many of their clients to us.

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