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Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

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You were hurt in a Maine truck accident that wasn’t your fault. You deserve financial compensation for your injuries, but the insurance company is giving you a hard time. What are your options? You need an experienced truck accident attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies and can fight for you.

The lawyers at Jabar LaLiberty, LLC know that insurance companies aren’t on your side after a truck accident. They know there’s a lot of money at stake but they want to protect their profits. So they will try many different tactics to limit your financial compensation. Here are some of the things they’ll try:

They'll question the extent of your injuries.

The insurance company may try to make it seem like your injuries aren’t all that bad. They may dispute a doctor’s diagnosis. Or they may question the need for certain treatments and procedures. In some cases, they may seek access to your medical records, arguing you’re your injuries were pre-existing.

They'll ask for a recorded statement.

You may be contacted by someone from the insurance company. They may say they simply want you to answer a few questions and have you give a recorded statement about the accident. It may sound fairly reasonable, but what they really want is to try to trick you into saying something that could hurt your case. Tell them you need to speak to your lawyer first.

They'll make you a quick settlement offer.

Soon after your accident, the insurance company may contact you with a settlement offer. They may say it’s the best they can do, but that they can offer fast payment. You may still be recovering from your injuries and are faced with rising medical bills. So a quick settlement may sound tempting. It will be a lowball offer that falls far short of covering the damages you have suffered.

They'll try to put some of the blame for the accident on you.

Maine uses a modified comparative negligence system when deciding these types of cases. This means that the amount of compensation you are awarded could be reduced if you are found partially at fault for the accident. For example, if you are found to be 30 percent responsible for the crash, the amount awarded to you by a jury could be reduced by 30 percent.

Our attorneys are very familiar with the tactics that insurance companies use. We don’t put up with them. We investigate your truck accident to get the facts and identify the negligent parties. We seek access to hours of service logs and electronic control module data. We review accident reports and medical records and talk to witnesses.

We build a strong case that the insurance company has to take seriously. Then we demand compensation. This includes compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your injury. It also includes compensation for lost wages and other damages, such as pain and suffering.

When insurance companies see that we have prepared a strong case and are ready to fight them in court, they often agree to negotiate a settlement. Our attorneys are committed to helping you get the best outcome and will only agree to a resolution of your case that meets your needs.

Learn more about how we can help. If you were injured in a truck accident, contact us to schedule a consultation. One of our experienced truck accident lawyers can meet with you and go over your options. There’s no cost and no obligation.

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