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Upcoming I-295 Shutdown Raises Safety Concerns

Road Closed and Detour Sign.

Maine's busiest stretch of highway will be closed to traffic later this month

Later this month, a section of I-295 between Portland and Falmouth, ME will be shut down for nearly three days to replace an outdated bridge, as the Portland Press Herald reported.

The closure will start at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 22 and end at 11 a.m. on Monday, April 25. During this time, crews will remove the existing, 61-year-old Veranda Street bridge and roll in a new bridge that is currently under construction nearby. Veranda Street itself will also be shut down for a week as part of the project.

It's a necessary project, as the existing bridge is structurally deficient, and the roll-in technique will keep the closure to a few days instead of the years that may have been required for traditional techniques. We're glad to see that, because closing a major highway for even a short stretch of time can significantly affect the risk of car accidents.

When highways are shut down, local roads can get more dangerous

The stretch of I-295 that will be shut down averages 53,000 vehicles a day. While completing this project over the weekend will hopefully minimize the effects on traffic, that's still a lot of motorists who need to find alternate routes to their destinations, especially on the Monday morning at the end of the closure.

Unfortunately, highway drivers who are diverted to side streets and urban roads are not always the safest operators. They may drive too fast on those roads, fail to yield, and otherwise drive aggressively, increasing the risk of serious car accidents. We're also concerned about the possibility of distracted driving from motorists on surrounding roads rubbernecking at the construction.

Again, that's why we're glad that MaineDOT is making a concerted effort to keep this closure as brief as possible. The project is necessary for long-term road safety in Portland, and this approach will minimize the effects on road safety during completion. However, it still drives home the need for accountability for dangerous drivers. Every motorist has a legal responsibility to operate their vehicle in a safe manner, and that responsibility is constant even when traffic patterns change.

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