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Portland Sets Ambitious Goal to Eliminate Traffic Fatalities by 2045

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Learn what's being done to help prevent serious and fatal car accidents.

Public safety officials in Portland, Maine, hope to eliminate all car accident fatalities in the city by 2045, according to the city’s recently released Vision Zero proposal developed by the Greater Portland Council of Governments.

“Meeting this goal will require us, as a region, to make an intentional shift in the way we think about, design, and maintain our roads,” the Vision Zero plan for Greater Portland states, adding, “If we are to achieve our goal of zero deaths and serious injuries from roadway crashes, we will need to prioritize safety for all roadway users whenever we make decisions around our roadways.”

Portland, ME car accident statistics

Each year on average, there are 20 car accident fatalities in the Greater Portland area, along with 118 severe injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, according to a recent news article at Roads & Bridges about the Greater Portland Vision Zero plan.

In total, there were 2,300 car accidents in Portland last year, resulting in 441 injuries, according to the latest accident data compiled by the Maine Department of Transportation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 21 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2021 in Cumberland County, Maine.

What are the main causes of crashes in Portland?

Car crashes that result in injuries or fatalities occur for many different reasons. Part of the problem is road design, which has been primarily intended “to move vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible,” according to Greater Portland Vision Zero. Such an approach “doesn't serve us well when it comes to ensuring safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for everyone.”

Based on NHTSA and Maine Department of Transportation data, specific causes of car accidents in Portland that result in fatalities include:

  • Speeding, which is the primary cause in 1 out of 4 fatal car accidents, according to Greater Portland Vision Zero.
  • Drunk driving, which resulted in 6 out of 21 deaths in 2021 in Cumberland County, Maine.
  • Following another vehicle too closely, which resulted in 533 car accidents in Portland in 2022.
  • Failure to yield to another vehicle, which caused 432 collisions in Portland in 2022.
  • Distracted driving, according to Greater Portland Vision Zero.

How does Portland plan to eliminate car accident deaths?

Greater Portland Vision Zero has several suggestions for making Portland’s roads safer and eliminating car accident fatalities:

  • Better road design with all road users in mind, including pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Adjust speed limits, especially in areas where car accident fatalities often occur.
  • Improved vehicle design aimed at reducing motor vehicle collisions.
  • Educating everyone about the importance of safe driving habits, including wearing seatbelts, not speeding, and not driving distracted.
  • Improved access to emergency medical care after motor vehicle accidents.

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