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Can I have a case if I was accused of causing a crash?

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When police investigate crash scenes, their job is to build an unbiased report that can be accessed by an attorney or insurance company. Sometimes, the police make mistakes or fail to consider certain facts that can make all the difference when it comes to who is blameworthy in a personal injury or wrongful death case.

Attorney Jason Jabar at Jabar LaLiberty & Dubord, LLC has recently won several wrongful death cases for Estates of individuals who were blamed by police as the primary culprit in causing the crashes that killed them. These cases demonstrate that the police investigation can be refutable.

How can our lawyers help you dispute blame in a car accident case?

The first case involved an ATV-Motor Vehicle accident where the deceased was driving his ATV on a public road. After a full reconstruction, the police placed 100% of the blame on the deceased for causing the crash. Attorney Jabar conducted his own investigation which led to his filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the other driver. He successfully refuted the police findings by taking several depositions, hiring a private reconstructionist, and obtaining the other driver's cellphone records.

The second case involved a multiple-vehicle crash. The police blamed the deceased individual for causing the crash. Attorney Jabar hired a crash reconstructionist and obtained several witness statements with the help of a private investigator. The development of this evidence shed light on other factors that caused the crash, leading to the successful resolution of the wrongful death claim.

The third case involved a one-vehicle accident on the highway that killed the driver. The driver was blamed for inattention and inexperience. Although that could not be refuted, Attorney Jabar’s investigation led him to understand that the make and model of the vehicle that rolled over failed to meet industry standards for withstanding the forces associated with rollover. Had the manufacturer acted on the knowledge it had of those problems, it would have been recalled, and the death would have been avoided. With that discovery, Attorney Jabar helped the family successfully resolve a wrongful death claim.

With all of these cases, the clients died moments after the crash, so their versions of what happened could never be told. This makes these cases even more challenging. In winning these cases, Attorney Jabar was able to help families unearth the untold stories behind fatal crashes that killed their loved ones. By refuting police reports that had blamed their loved ones, some amount of justice was delivered to them in the process.

Contact our law firm for help with your car accident case

A car accident investigation should be conducted fairly while leaving no stone unturned. Should you or a loved one be accused of causing a crash that was the fault of another, the experienced legal team at Jabar LaLiberty & Dubord, LLC can gather the facts and advocate on your behalf. We can help dispute the blame placed on you by:

  • Investigating the crash scene
  • Speaking to witnesses
  • Subpoenaing cellphone records
  • Obtaining surveillance camera footage (this footage can be quickly erased or recorded over so time is of the essence)
  • Hiring expert witnesses, such as accident reconstructionists.

We can also use the same methods to help you pursue a legal claim against a negligent driver if you were injured in a crash.

We serve clients in our Portland and Waterville offices, and are happy to come to you. Consultations on personal injury and wrongful death cases are always free, and there is no fee until we win. Contact us online to find out how we can help you.

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