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Common Eye Injuries in Car Accidents

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Eye injuries are some of the most life-changing injuries you can suffer after a car accident. Your eyes play a fundamental role in your everyday life, and even slight damage to them can change that. You may have impaired sight or complete vision loss. That's why you need to seek immediate medical attention — and legal advice.

Different eye injuries from car accidents

The eye is a delicate part of the body. There are many ways it can be damaged in a car accident. From a simple scratch to permanent vision loss, here are the most common eye injuries:

Laceration and particles

The eyelid or lens may be cut by flying debris after a car wreck. These injuries are usually not serious but can take a turn for the worse if left untreated. You may feel pain and itchiness, and your eye may water.

Cataracts and retinal detachment

Although airbags are a lifesaving safety feature, they can also deal some damage. Because they deploy and inflate so quickly, they can hit the head with extreme force. They can cause trauma to the eye and result in eye injuries like cataracts and retinal detachment.

Suffering a cataract causes cloudy vision. It occurs when there is trauma to the eye lens. Damage to the retina in the back of the eye can result in a retinal detachment. If so, you may see flashes of light and reduced peripheral vision.

Globe rupture

With enough force of impact from a traffic accident, your eye could rupture. This injury is highly threatening to your vision. Many injury victims that suffer a ruptured globe lose their eyes and require a prosthetic.

Orbital fracture

The orbital bones make up the eye socket. When fractured, they can send shards into the eye. It takes quite a lot of force to break the orbital bones, so if they are damaged, there is a high likelihood of other serious injuries like brain injuries.

Symptoms of eye injuries

You may feel pain in or around your eye immediately after a car accident, or the symptoms may be delayed. Some symptoms you may experience are:

  • Pain, swelling and bruising
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Bleeding
  • Struggle to move the eye

Again, eye injury symptoms are sometimes delayed. Even if you feel fine, it's in your interest to see a doctor right away. Then, you should consult with a car accident lawyer to get an explanation of your legal rights and options.

Contact a Portland car accident attorney after an eye injury

If you or someone you love has suffered an eye injury from a car accident, make sure to seek medical attention. If left untreated, the injury may worsen and cause permanent damage or vision loss. The next thing to do is get in contact with an experienced car accident attorney.

Medical bills can stack up fast. That's why you need an attorney to advocate for the compensation you need and deserve. The lawyers at Jabar LaLiberty, LLC have years of experience fighting for injured Mainers. We know how the legal system works and how to handle big cases.

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